Hatchet Advertising | 4 Reasons Why You Should Advertise to College Students
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27 Oct 4 Reasons Why You Should Advertise to College Students

1.       College students come from all over the world: 25% of students attend college out-of-state, and hundreds of thousands of international students come to the US for college every year, which means they do not know where to eat, shop, or go for fun when they get to college, until they start seeing ads.



2.       College students care what their friends think: Students do everything with their friends, and nothing matters more than what their friends think, so every action (and purchase) is an opportunity to impress and seem in-the-know. This is why being trendy on campus matters.

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3.       College students don’t read print publications, unless it’s their college paper: College students don’t pay for print publications, and haven’t seen one since leaving home. Except for their college paper. It’s everywhere. These are the only print ads they see.

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4.       College students don’t know what they like yet: Until now, their mom bought them everything they used, which means that they are exploring what brands they like and trust (and will like and trust for the rest of their lives).

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