Hatchet Advertising | Frequently Asked Questions – Digital
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Frequently Asked Questions – Digital

What sizes are your digital advertising products?

Our sizes are as follows:

Web Square: 300×200

Web Banner: 728×90

Email Edition Banner: 600×200

Twitter Web Card: 280×150 (must be less 1mb in size).

What are your deadlines for digital advertising products?

Deadlines vary from product to product. For web ads, there are no deadlines as we put up ads on a rolling basis. For the email edition we need graphics and contracts three business days before the date of that issue. For Twitter Advertising we need graphics and contracts three business days before game day.

How often does my web ad appear on your site?

When you purchase a website-based advertising product, your ad is put in our rotation cycle, where your advertising will receive a share of approximately 12% of the voice. We do this so we can support multiple advertisers at the same time and so our users are not bombarded with the same advertisement over and over again. Each time your ad appears on our site it will be fresh and eye-catching for readers

If you have questions but cannot find your answer here, please contact us.