Hatchet Advertising | Frequently Asked Questions – Print
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Frequently Asked Questions – Print

What are the sizes and layout of your publication?

The GW Hatchet is printed in a broadsheet format. Our paper is 6 column inches wide by 20 inches tall (10 inches by 20 inches). All of standard ad layouts are listed below. Please note some ad sizes offer multiple configurations:

Full Page: 6 column inches by 20 inches (10″ x 20″)

Half Page: 6 column inches by 10 inches (10″ x 10″) or 3 column inches by 20 inches (4.9167″ x 20″)

Third Page: 4 column inches by 10 inches (6.6111″ x 10″)

Quarter Page: 3 column inches by 20 inches ( 4.9167″ x 10″) or 6 column inches by 5 inches (10″ by 5″)

Eighth Page: 3 column inches by 5 inches (4.9167″ x 5″)

Twelfth Page: 2 column inches by 2 inches (3.222″ by 2″)

What are the deadlines for advertisements for your publication?

For any print advertisement, the contract is due the Wednesday before the issue comes out The graphic for the advertisement, or relevant information if we are designing the ad for you, is due the Friday before the print issue comes out. These deadlines are very important and are strictly enforced for the benefit of our editorial team.

Where will my ad go?

Advertising layout is done in coordination with the editorial team to determine where it will fit with the stories we are running that week. The only placement we guarantee is that of the front page banner. The placement of all other ads are up to our discretion.We do follow standard printing conventions, specially placing ads near the reader’s hands and stacking ads based on their side. We also ensure that color ads and B&W ads will appear on their respective pages.

What are the terms of payment?

The GW Hatchet accepts check and credit cards as forms of payments for all advertisements. We work on a net 30 basis, but we advise all of our clients to pay in advance as we offer a discount for ad buys paid up front.

Do you offer free advertising for causes or charity function?

Unfortunately The GW Hatchet does not offer free advertising for causes or charity functions. We need advertising to help support our student writers, reporters, editors, and staff. It’s very important that as many students as possible have the opportunity to have content published in the paper. If we gave out free advertising we would take away space from hard-working students, and we just don’t believe it is fair for those so dedicated to our publication. Don’t be afraid to contact us though, we can put together an advertising package for budgets of all sizes.