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Physical Advertising

Brand-new for the 2015-2016 academic year, The GW Hatchet is proud to offer our advertisers premium space in some of the best locations on campus. These are exclusive, there is no other way to advertise in these buildings except through us. We are slowly rolling this out to all of our news racks on campus, but we are starting with some of the hottest spots first.

For more information, pricing, and availability, please contact us today!

Below you can find the locations we are currently offering.

Thurston Hall

The famed freshman dorm of GW, Thurston hall has over 1,100 freshman  calling it home. Our distribution rack is located right in the lobby of the building, and it is impossible for any student leaving the dorm to miss the display.

Monroe Hall

Located in the center of campus and home to the departments of Economics, Political Science, and Mathematics, Monroe Hall is a key academic building at GW. 100s of classes are held here each week as well as many professional events, ensuring high visibility for the great advertising space we hold in the lobby of the building

Science and Engineering Hall

The brand-new 500,000 square feet Science and Engineering Hall is the largest academic building for science and engineering in our nation’s capital. Our news rack is located in the lobby in front of the busiest entrance for the building, a prime location for your advertisement.

Amsterdam Hall

The first of the “new era” dorms at GW, Amsterdam Hall host sophomores and juniors in some of the best living spaces on campus. It is also home to a parking garage and GW key depot. Our news rack is located directly beside the main entrance and is a great space for your advertisement. 

Shenkman Hall – Food Court

This is one of the hottest spots on campus. With students, faculty, and tourists hitting up the basement food court for meals and snacks, our news rack is in a prime location. Thousands will see you advertisement on a daily basis.

Elliott School of International Affairs

Home of the largest school of international affairs in the country and just across the street from the State Department, the Elliott School building is a landmark on campus. Our news rack is located in the main lobby, where it will be seen by all entering the building.