Hatchet Advertising | Terms and Conditions
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Terms and Conditions

Advertising in any medium supported by Hatchet Publications (dba as “The GW Hatchet”) is bound to the following terms and conditions listed below.

(1) Review of Advertisements: Hatchet Publications reserves the right to discredit any advertisement in any of our mediums for any reason. All content is reviewed prior to publication.

(2) Rates: Rates for our advertising mediums can change at any time, even before listed on this website. Contacting us with rates in an email found on this email does not qualify as a contract. Only when an approved contract is sent to you with rates are those rates locked in.

(3) Cancellations: No advertising buy under $1,000 can be canceled. Advertising buys over $1,000 can be cancelled without a buyout which will be mutual agreed upon by the advertising and The GW Hatchet.

(4) Exclusivity of advertising space: Unless otherwise noted on product descriptions, advertising space is not exclusive to any advertiser or type of advertiser.

(5) Liability: Advertisers assume all risk and will not hold Hatchet Publications responsible for any suit, claims, liabilities, or  damages from advertising in any of our products.

(6) Payment: Hatchet Publications works on a net 30 basis from the invoice date in which it was written. After 30 days those invoices will be past due and go into a review period. After 60 days, past due balances will be referred out for legal action and collection.

(7) Modification of ads: We reserve the right to modify any advertisement for any reason, this includes, but not limited too, size needs, quality of the advertisement, and content deem impermissible.

(8) Payment Information: We reserve the right to store our customer’s credit card information. By signing any agreement with us you give us the right to do such.

(9) The terms and conditions: Hatchet Publications reserves the right tot change these terms and conditions at any point with no notice to past, current, or future customers.